Miss Springfield 2015 Addresses Greene County Foster Care System


  • In the past couple of years, the number of children and teens in the foster care system in Greene County continues to increase.
  • “My goal is to advocate for these kids,” said Miss Springfield 2015, Kelsey Dacus since her platform is improving and raising awareness for the foster care system.
  • The adoption and foster care system is a growing problem because these are children who do not have families that can help foster their growth as they progress through life.
  • If you would like to get in contact with Miss Springfield Kelsey Dacus and learn more about her, her platform, and foster care resources, contact her at MissSpringfield2015@gmail.com.

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SOGI’s Side Effects


How the decision on the SOGI bill will ripple outward for Missouri and the nation

  • Only one month remains until voters decide to keep the protections of the SOGI bill or repeal it.
  • “The fact that the ordinance passed in Springfield is somewhat surprising,” said Dr. George Connor, Missouri State political science professor specializing in Missouri politics.
  • Springfield is not the only city currently in this battle; Arkansas, West Virginia and Tennesee have similar ordinances.
  • No matter the results on April 7, citizen groups will still be fighting over LGBT rights.

Interview by Amanda White, editing by Rose Marthis, Amanda White, Jesse Inman


Springfield Economic Profile


A Region On The Rise

  • Springfield, Mo is currently in a period of economic boom with a below average cost of living index, retail sales over $3.5 million, and a growing employment rate.
  • As of 2013 the city’s home sales price trends are on a steady three year increase approaching $137,000. Following this trend new residential construction permits reached a three year high as of 2013 at 155.
  • The per capita income trend has recovered from recession era levels by over $2,500.
  • Cost of living has remained below the national average by 10%.

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Springfield Economic Profile Infographic