American Ninja Warrior Comes to Springfield


  • American Ninja Warrior has become a worldwide phenomenon, originating in Japan.
  • Caitlin Shukwit, a student at Missouri State University training to become a ninja warrior, said that some qualities a ninja warrior should have include “physical strength and individual determination.”
  • Warrior Sports, the American Ninja Warrior training facility in Springfield, provides members and the Springfield community with a fun and unique way to work out.
  • To find out more information go to or contact them at 417-894-7319.


Warrior Sports Brings Ninja Warriors From Across The US To Springfield

Ozark Greenway Incorporated: Bike Trails & Safety


Get outside this summer and soak up the sun by hiking or biking along the Ozark Greenway Trails.

The Ozark Greenway Corporation is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and you can experience some of the great things they’ve provided by using the trails!

Each trail has a set length that you can follow, some ranging from as little as 2 miles to some as much as 8 miles or 35 miles. There are ones to fit everyone’s athletic need and level!

When using the trails, be aware of the rules that Ozark Greenway Incorporated has provided for everyone’s safety.Ozark Greenway Bike Safety

Aaron Draplin: Junior Sasqualogist, Master Junker, and Graphic Designer


Aaron Draplin is a man of many talents. You can get a sense of his talents and humor by visiting his website and looking under the “About” section, then clicking on his “Professional Titles.” Here, you’ll see his range of occupations both earned and self-proclaimed: Junior Sasqualogist, Guitar Strummer, Junior Noodler, Carny, Master Junker, Philatelist, Record Collector, Anachronism, and so on. With this insight, you can imagine how fascinating it would be to not only sit through a lecture and presentation by the man himself, but also get to meet and have a conversation with him.

Aaron Draplin may be a man of many talents, but he’s also a man of firm beliefs, strong opinions, and close family ties. During his lecture, he discussed everything one could possibly imagine: his family, his business, his passion for “really crappy hats,” and the great outer space. He gave insight to designers on how to work as a professional and he helped those on the client side with advice about working with designers.

From his lecture, I have compiled some of his funniest, notable quotes and advice for when the time comes to work with a graphic designer and how to get the best work from the experience and something you’ll be happy with. Because in the end, it’s all about what you like, right?