Landers Theatre

By far, our scariest encounter occurred at the home in Willard where we were physically chased from the home by something very aggressive. That took some quiet time outside and regrouping before we re-entered the home. Whatever it was that took up residence in this very nice basement home was not keen on our presence. We made three return trips to this house and each time the activity got more and more aggressive. Started out small with ceiling fans being turned on and off and equipment being turned off or knocked over and progressed to me being smashed in a doorway by what felt like a very strong man (the other three investigators were in the same room 15 feet away).  We captured several very loud EVP recordings of growling and the very clear words “get out” which led up to very loud sounds progressing down the dark hallway towards us very quickly at which point we cut bait and exited. Interesting side note: during our last trip to this home, we all noticed the distinct smell of smoke and two weeks later, the house burned to the ground with no apparent cause. The homeowners moved to a home in Springfield and brought the activity with them. We investigated their Springfield home and captured the same crazy voice we got in Willard and this time, it liked to move around the Virgin Mary statue which was in one of the bedrooms.

→ October 23, 2015