The Acid Tunnel: Part 1

Have you every heard of a sewer tunnel in Springfield nicknamed the ‘Acid Tunnel’?

Recently, I was sitting in the library looking for graffiti locations when I found some interesting images.

The entrance to the Acid Tunnel./ Maria Sanchez/  Ozarks News Journal


These images were then connected to the name Acid Tunnel.  Using a search engine, it sent me to Underground Ozarks website.  This website site seems to be a little outdated and the photos of the tunnel then are different from the tunnel now.  

This website linked to a 1995 Springfield News-Leader article about the Acid Tunnel, detailing how it used to be a secret hide-out for teens who used drugs and spray painted walls.

“Welcome to Hell” was spray painted across the the entrance of the tunnel then, and now it is not quite visible.  Yes, I went there, but I didn’t go in because I was not prepared and had no flashlight. This sewer goes underneath the interstate, not sure so long it runs for.


I found the location of the tunnel through its Facebook page:

“Epic adventure. Park at American Inn. Walk back W down Evergreen about a min. You will see on the left of the road a forestry hill. Walk down and you’ll find the entrance. Expect up to calf high water and bring a strong flashlight!”

Keep an eye out for a video of  the journey through the tunnel.