Seeing Double: Fashion Trends On Repeat

In fashion world, what goes around comes around.  Fashion trends often repeat themselves, and lately we have been seeing a big comeback from the ’90s.

Fashionista’s favorite long-lost fashion trends of the ’90s include platform flip-flops, wide-legged jeans and butterfly hair clips.

According to Elle, everything from crop tops to overalls are coming back with a bang this year.  Even on Balenciaga and Miu Miu’s runways a bit of mid-drift was showing.  Bootcut jeans may start replacing our skinnies, and the glam-grunge look may make a huge comeback.  Get prepared to see flannel galore.

Fashionista takes a different approach to ’90s fashion and goes for a more humorous take on things. Reminiscing on platform flip-flops, butterfly hair clips and chokers, Fashionista relives the ridiculous ’90’s fashion.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe we thought that stuff was cool back then, but those goofy styles defined the decade.  Modern-day fashion is taking a more tasteful spin on the duds we used to wear back in the day.

To help you avoid getting rid of things you’ll regret, Real Simple outlined the trends that have staying power in your closet.  There are those certain trends that never fail to make a comeback.  According to Real Simple, bomber jackets and babydoll dresses are examples of styles to hold on to.

The Label Fashion put together a YouTube video depicting the stars embracing styles that made their debut in the ’90s.  For example, the video showed stars like Vanessa Hudgens wearing crop tops with high-waisted bottoms, and Kristen Stewart rocking the grunge look with her Twilight co-stars.

As a child of the early ’90s, I grew up with these styles and hold both the fashion dos and don’ts in a special place in my heart.  Without even realizing it, multiple items that reflect ’90s style have worked their way into my closet.  As much as I regret some of the ’90s trends I bought into, I am excited to relive my childhood through fashion.