Netflix Or Hulu Plus: Which Is The Better Choice?

Should I get Netflix or should I get Hulu Plus? It is one of the most heated debates among Americans today. All right, maybe it’s not the most heated debate occurring in our modern society, but a lot of people do have questions about which company they should give their money to for online video streaming.

Some people feel like Netflix has a better movie selection, but Hulu Plus has a much larger selection of television shows. So, the true question is: do you prefer to watch television or do you prefer to watch movies?

Russell Holly, a writer for the online tech website, said, “The simple version is this: Netflix has a larger archive, but Hulu Plus has the new TV shows.”

Even though both Netflix and Hulu Plus contain a wide selection of TV shows and films, some people prefer Hulu Plus because they post the episodes of television shows mere days after the show’s original airdate. On the other hand, one of the downsides to Netflix is the fact that it usually takes them almost a month to post their new releases.

Many people do ask the question of whether they should spend their money on Hulu Plus or Netflix, and it truly is a valid question. I recently subscribed to Netflix at the suggestion of a close friend, and I used it a lot for a few weeks. But, I lost interest quickly and eventually cancelled my subscription. I tend to enjoy television more than I enjoy films, so I think that my personal interests would be better served by subscribing to Hulu Plus.

An entirely different route that some people choose to take when it comes to online video streaming is to use Amazon Prime Instant Video. Amazon provides a really good service through their online video streaming, but the biggest problem with their service is the fact that is costs almost $80 a year to subscribe.

The problem with Amazon Prime Instant Video is that the user must pay the $80 subscription fee in full at one time. In all actuality the amount that users have to pay for Amazon Prime Instant Video is a really fair price, but this presents a problem for many people. So, for the sake of this discussion, I’m going to stick to the pros and cons of Netflix and Hulu Plus.

I wasn’t joking whenever I said that many people truly do debate over which online video streaming provider is better. There is actually an entire website that is devoted to showing the pros and the cons of both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

You can visit that website for a more in-depth analysis to help you choose between the two video streaming providers. Or, if you are more of a visual person, you can look at the graphic below where I have compiled a list of information concerning the pros and cons of both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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