Yoga Pants All Day, Everyday!

What kind of pant to all girls love and all guys love girls to wear?….Yoga pants!

.LK yoga

Whether you are going to the gym or just to your 8 A.M. class, these are perfect for everyday wear. Not to mention the guys totally dig them. If you haven’t caught the fever for these stretchy little pants, now is the time. Yeah, you could go to class in your baggy sweats or get all dolled up, but let’s face it ladies; you want to be comfortable in class.

Of course, when it comes to wearing yoga pants you want to make sure they fit well. Ain’t nobody want to be looking at you while you have them, ahem, hiked up in certain places. That’s not attractive and people will point and laugh at you. Kidding, kinda. So my trendy lasses, buy a pair that are the same size as your athletic shorts. You want them to be tight enough so that they hug your curves and not so baggy so that they look as if you are sagging in the back. If you don’t know if they fit you, Snap Chat your closest guy friend and pray he says you look hot. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong. However, when you find your perfect fit the next thing to do it to decide what style is best for your shape and lifestyle.

There are three basic styles:Boot, Legging, and Crop.

The boot cut are flared at the bottom slightly and give a more hour glass look to your figure. I would suggest these if you are a muscular, athletic build or a little top heavy. They bring the focus down to the flare bottom.

The legging pants are super sliming and work well under long sweatshirts. These look best on petite and tall bodies. The leggings are also the most controversial because they some people say they are not pants. Let’s get something straight, yoga leggings are pants because they are thicker and are made for the gym. Regular leggings can be easily wore with long shirts and tanks, while still looking good. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to make sure you are wearing them right.

The crop style are perfect for everyone. They are great for cooler weather and they show a little bit of leg. Scandalous! All of these styles are easy to wear and comfy for all occasions. The only other detail you have to remember when you wear these is to pick out appropriate underwear. You know those girls who have those giant panty lines and might as well have just worn them on the outside of their pants. Don’t let that be you. Opt for no show because they will save you from embarrassment.

Ladies, give them a chance if you haven’t already. Yoga pants are not just for  the studio anymore. So the next time you go shopping or just can’t find that simple little touch to your workout attire, try out the yoga section. Once you find your perfect pair, you will be hooked for life