October: The Best Month For Sports

When it comes to great months for sports, October has to be the best. Before I give the reasons why, I’ll mention a few of the runner-ups.

Big basketball fans would argue that March is the best month for sports. March Madness is the main reason for this. The NBA is also in full swing and only a month or so away from their playoffs. College and professional basketball are not the only sports happening though. The NHL is also in the middle of its season. Spring Training is well underway for Major League Baseball. These are great arguments for the best sports month, but they do not quite match up to October.

Another good argument could be made for the month of June. Sports wise, this month consists of the NHL and NBA playoffs. So for big hockey and professional basketball fans, this month is great. Major League Baseball is heating up and  is in the middle of its season. These events are the only major sporting events happening during June, however. June still cannot compete with October, in my opinion.

One final argument could be made for January. This is the football lovers vote. The major bowls for the NCAA happen at the beginning of this month. Also, the NFL playoffs begin. College basketball and the NBA are both deep into their seasons. The NHL is also in the middle of its season. Once again, this is another great argument, but it too falls short of October.

The reasons why October is such a great month for sports is for these reasons. First, October appeals to the football fans as the NFL and college football are entering the middle of their seasons. Basketball lovers like October because the NBA gets started towards the end of the month. October is great for hockey fans because the NHL kicks off its season at the beginning of this month. Even racing fans like October because NASCAR is in the middle of its Chase for the Championship. The final reason that October is the best month for sports is because of the MLB Playoffs. The World Series takes place at the end of October. True baseball fans enjoy the World Series even if their team isn’t in it. Overall, October has the most major sports happening during that month than any other. This is why it is the best month for sports in general. October appeals to everyone. The other months I’ve mentioned are great, but they cannot compete. Look at this calendar and you can understand my argument for the best month for sports fans. http://espn.go.com/travel/sports/calendar/