Springfield A True Halloweentown

  • Springfield being one of the most haunted places in Missouri, our team took the next step to find these hauntings.
  • Bailey a maid from University Plaza Hotel said, “Her glass of water would be moved around on the table if she looked away.”
  • Looking for the perfect haunted house this Halloween?  Find the real deal and search for the hauntings.
  • Paranormal activity can be tricky to understand, and some may be just myths. But skeptical or not Springfield has some ghosts.

Ghost Around Springfield

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The month of October is upon us and it’s about that time the ghost and goblins start coming out. With Halloween right around the corner, people are looking for the best costume and the scariest haunted houses.

Springfield has been known for one of the most haunted places in Missouri. Springfield has a historic past. The  “Mother Road”  (Route 66) started here.  It stretched for miles.

Many battles have taken place on the grounds in the area, and the different natives who settled here. This city has a past and some say the past can haunt you. Therefore, Springfield was bound to have a haunting or two.

In this area there are places that flaunt their hauntings and others who keep it a little more low key. University Plaza Hotel and Midtown Carnegie Branch Library are a few places where paranormal activity has been spotted.

With this being said, our team went and explored these places to check it out for ourselves.

The University Plaza Hotel

The University Plaza Hotel, near Missouri State University, is said to be haunted by a ghost in the ballrooms and in the conference area called Colorado room. “The Colonel” is said to roam the property because his home was built on the plot that the hotel resides today.

Many of the hotel maids and workers are said to have heard stories about the ghost but only a few have actually come in contact with him. The front desk workers were not willing to talk to us about the ghost, in case anyone checking into the hotel would overhear and perhaps decide to stay elsewhere.

Therefore, we sought out two maids in the hotel that would be able to give us exclusive information on the haunting. We found Bailey and Eleni, two maids who had been working at the hotel for about a year. For privacy purposes they asked to use only their first name.

Bailey said,”I personally have not seen “The Colonel” but I have heard a story from a few of the other girls who work here. One of the girls was in the laundry room and folded a washcloth on the dryer, when she turned around it was unfolded again. She also said that her glass of water would be moved around on the table if she looked away.”

The girls said that the ghost has never done anything violent or incredibly scary, but they are afraid to go into rooms by themselves when they have to clean.

The Colonel also does not look terrifying. Most people who have seen him says that he looks like a regular gentleman, dressed in a long black pea coat with a beard. When someone passes him in the hallway they typically do not give him a second thought until they go to turn around and he is not there anymore.

While our team was exploring around the hotel, we did not pick up on an scary vibes but the idea that a haunt lives in the building was

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Springfield is home to many groups of paranormal investigators.  These groups explore several of the “so called,” haunted places in the surrounding areas.

Carnegie Midtown Library

James River Ghost Tracker or JRGT held an event at the Carnegie Midtown Library in Springfield.

The group is made of roughly ten members who investigate mostly in their spare time.

The Carnegie Library has been a suspected residence of numerous reported paranormal phenomenons.

Asking Deb, the leader of JRGT, if she had found any evidence that the basement was haunted “We have explored the basement, and found several indications of paranormal activity,” she said.

JRGT received very high EMF (electromagnetic field)  readings in the basement, along with what they described as,” the sound of a small boy”, picking these readings up with a tool called Mel meters. A Mel Meter measures electromagnetic field or EMF of a room, simultaneously with the temperature.

The group uses numerous tools when investigating place or residence. Such as  Mel meters, full spectrum video cameras, thermal imaging cameras, Rem- Pod’s, laser grid scopes, and ghost boxes are used to determine if there is in fact activity or some type spirit present.

The group’s favorite tool to use is a ghost box.

A ghost box is essentially a radio with a scanning function that allows someone to search airwaves until they find a station to stop on. This is used as a tool in attempts to communicate with the dead.

The members of JRGT explained that most of their investigations are predicated on thorough research of the residence they are exploring.

“We do not investigate with the intent to find spirits or ghosts,” said Deb.

JRGT has explored several other supposedly haunted places in Springfield, such as the Pyhthian Castle, which they described as not having a lot of luster behind it.

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Though our team wasn’t able to find any hauntings for ourselves, hotels and libraries aren’t the only places to go looking in Springfield. There are many other places in the area that have been known to pick up on paranormal activities.

So as Halloween approaches we hope that the Springfield community may be daring enough to go searching for themselves.

With the history Springfield Missouri has to offer the past is not just the past as some feel the need to keep coming back to leave a mark.


 University Plaza Hotel

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Midtown Carnegie Library

James River Ghost Tracker

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Contributed By: Sarah Christmann, Sara Prosser, Jonathan Goad, Dominic Jackson