Decorating For The Wedding


With the right wedding decoration ideas, a couple can have an elegant, stylish event without breaking the bank. A little creative thinking and discount shopping will help keep the budget in line and leave guests feeling as if they were at a lavish event. 
If the wedding budget is already tight, inexpensive decorations can allow a couple to splurge in other areas. Some couples object to expensive decorations that will only be used once, and cheaper decorations can also be more environmentally friendly.
Many halls and churches have a variety of decorations in storage that you may be able to use for free or a small fee (Hoover, 2006). Similarly, investigate decoration rental companies where you can find elegant items for a fraction of purchase costs.
For both the ceremony and the reception, there are a wide variety of cheap wedding decorations that can still be lovely and elegant. Popular options include:

Fishbowl Centerpiece- Mirror Tile & Votives

  • Flowers: Choose in-season flowers for the best prices, and buy flowers from local growers to save on shipping charges (Hoover, 2006). For a casual wedding, consider growing your own flowers or using native wildflowers. Give your wedding aisle and reception tables a decorative boost with silk flower petals.


  • Candles: Candles add romantic lighting to your event for pennies. Use garden style centerpieces surrounded by tea lights or votive candles for extra glitter, and place the candles on mirrored bases for elegant reflections, all things you can even get at the dollar store.


  • Lighting: Change bulbs in lighting fixtures to match your wedding colors for an instant, easy, and cheap way to add color to your reception. Ask friends and family members if you can borrow white twinkle lights to line pillars or drape under tables, and add a disco ball or simple party lights to the dance floor for instant wedding decorations with lights.


  • Food: Decorate your reception with the menu itself by adding colorful fruit wedding centerpieces or rich artisan breads to each table (Hoover, 2006). Small bowls of candy or mints are also great decorations.


  • Cake: Instead of keeping your wedding cake hidden until it will be unveiled for the cutting, make it a focal point of your reception by setting up a cake table in a prominent location. Add simple decorations to the table and let your guests admire your elegant wedding cake throughout the reception.


  • Slideshows: Use a simple projector to turn a blank wall at your reception into an instant showpiece by broadcastinga slideshow that will silently repeat throughout the evening. Slides can include photos of the couple, romantic clipart, wedding phrases, and other related images.


  • Nature: Let nature do your decorating. Take advantage of natural beauty such as brilliant fall foliage or spring flowers that can serve as backdrops to your event. Add pressed leaves to tables in the fall, place wildflowers in mason jars for centerpieces in the spring and summer and use evergreen garlands around doorways and arches in the winter.


  • Balloons: Tastefully done, balloons can be a great decoration for a small budget. Create an entrance arch, elevated centerpieces, or even a whimsical balloon drop for the end of the evening.

black-and-white-balloon-wedding-decoration                                        balloon-drop-1-bg

  • Favors: Make favors serve as cheap wedding decorations. Favors can be coordinated with table decorations and added to each place setting for extra color. Floral centerpieces in small terra cotta pots or tin pails can double as wedding favors. Alternatively, arrange matching votive candles with personalized labels in the centers of tables.


  • Fabric: Add swags of fabric behind the head table for a soft, luxurious backdrop, or layer colored linens on tables for unique accents instead of plain white linens (Hoover, 2006). Decorating with tulle and other inexpensive fabrics make it easy to create a tent ceiling to cover plain architecture, or to create a colorful walkway down the aisle or at the reception entrance.


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