JVIC Provides Career Opportunities For Springfield And MSU Students

  • The Jordan Valley Innovation Center or JVIC harbors technology and biomedical research, while providing job opportunities for Missouri State students.
  • “The whole idea of JVIC is to create jobs, and we really want to create technology type jobs so our graduate students can stay in Springfield,” said Director of JVIC Allen Kunkel.
  • JVIC creates jobs for Springfield residents and students alike, and is currently in the process of leasing out space.
  • Defense-based company Lockheed Martin’s recent departure frees up space for a new southwest Missouri-based company.

Innovative Jobs for MSU Graduates

The Jordan Valley Innovation Center provides a place for product development for participating corporations and educational experiences for Missouri State students.

“Really the focus is on economic development, and it’s called a technology accelerator,” said Dr. Jim Baker, Vice President for Research and Economic Development. “What that means is university faculty, researchers, and technicians work with private companies to get products out of the company and into the marketplace as fast as possible.”

JVIC Building
The Jordan Valley Innovation Center is a leader in innovation and research in Springfield. Photo courtesy of Headland Landscape Architecture.

Director of Jordan Valley Innovation Center, or JVIC, Allen Kunkel said it is a self-operating entity for MSU.

“Our goal is to create higher wage jobs for Springfield, and at the same try to provide opportunities for Missouri State students to work in a corporate environment as an undergraduate or graduate student and at the same time try to retain some of those employees when they graduate,” said Kunkel.

Kunkel said the biomedical sector at JVIC generally has 10 or 11 undergraduate students working in the lab every day.

JVIC is made up of five separate buildings, covering 75,000 square feet. The four corporate affiliates that inhabit this space is Brewer Science, Crosslink, ESM Technologies, and Mercy Hospital.

Revenue is generated through lease payments by the companies that reside in JVIC, as well as utility payments.

Resulting products from the JVIC include medical products, defense related products, and scientific products.

“JVIC has two major components, the university related in addition to the companies that are located there,” said Baker.

The center of biomedical life sciences hires students to gain experience, and frequently hires graduate students.

“The whole idea of JVIC is to create jobs, and we really want to create technology type jobs so our graduate students can stay in Springfield rather than go to St. Louis or Kansas City or the East Cast or West Coast to try and find a job,” said Baker.

JVIC snip
Jordan Valley Innovation Center in Google Maps

Currently the defensive technology-based company Lockheed Martin, one of the largest in the world, has left the JVIC, in an attempt to consolidate company operations due to federal budget cuts.

With the departure of Lockheed Martin, space is now available to lease for the first time since JVIC opened. Kunkel said the priority is to lease this space to southwest Missouri-based companies.

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