The Tall Tale Of The Albino Farm

Springfield is known as one of the most haunted places in Missouri.

Just north of the Greenlawn Cemetery is a property over 100 years old called the Springlawn Farm which is also known as the “Albino Farm.”

According to the local legends from the Underground Ozarks, a forum of people who explore “places you’re not supposed to go” in the Ozarks, the farm was owned by a farmhand that had albinism who scared off trespassers with a shotgun or a hospital that performed experiments on people with albinism.

One of the most prominent pieces on the farm is this “Evil Awaits” painted on a structure outside of where the foundation of the house stands.

Although there are countless urban legends that follow this eerie plot of land, there was not always a ghost story attached to it.

The farm originally belonged to the Headleys family in the late 1800s then later in 1915 was sold to the Sheedys family; it was home to a horse racing track reported by Herschel Fincher of The Springfield Leader & Press in 1979.

Once the last the Sheedy heir passed away, an auction flooded the estate for the Headleys’ belongings.

September 1, 1980 fire was set to the barn, potentially by arsonists, which spread to the house, leaving the structure unable to be saved by the volunteer firefighters on site according to an article from Barbara Clauser of The Springfield News & Press.

Since price of the damages were so severe, the repairs were not worth the cost.

Today the Springlawn Farm stands with arbitrary pieces of architecture covered in graffiti on a few acres of land.