Valentine’s Day Outfit: Rock The Red







Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with a special person or the special friends in your life. Whatever plans you may have, there is an outfit to go along with it. The outfit above is just a sample of what you could wear to a special dinner date with your special someone or night out on the town with your best friends. Depending on your style this outfit will vary, but that’s the fun in fashion: you can do whatever you want.

The outfit above keeps with the red, romantic theme of Valentine’s Day but with an edgy twist. The cutaway, white top is from Topshop. It isn’t too revealing but shows off your shape. The red blazer is Alexander McQueen and retail valued at around $1,200. If your able to buy it, go for it! If not, just look for a blazer that is not boxy and flattering.

This skater skirt has been very popular lately and it is perfect for a Valentine’s Day. The black leather is trendy and a similar one can be found by Missguided.  The tights are from an amazing online store called Boohoo. They have fun, edgy clothes for reasonable prices! If stripes aren’t your thing, go for a solid black.

As for the jewelry go for gold! Gold is timeless and chic so it will go with the red color perfectly. Find jewelry that is your taste. You don’t want to risk a new fashion trend on a special day. The red lipstick is an extra pop of color to add to the outfit. Whatever you end up wearing on Valentine’s Day, make sure it is all you. Fashion is all about showing off your personal style.


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