Blog: Five reasons why Lord Voldemort should have won

The first installment of the film version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” comes out Nov. 19. Therefore, I decided I should write my weekly blog about my favorite character in the Harry Potter series: Lord Voldemort.

I prefer to read the seven-part series as a tragedy, not an epic heroic journey. It is the tragedy about how a tortured revolutionary fell from power due to the hand of a not-so-talented teenage boy.

Hence, this week’s blog is my top five reasons why Lord Voldemort should have won at the end of the series.

5. Harry Potter is useless. He frequently conquers Voldemort only due to the fact he knows the right people, i.e. Hermione Granger and Albus Dumbledore. Voldemort, being a merciful and kind lord, opens his heart to his followers, who are not exactly the brightest people and frequently screw up his plans to destroy Harry. Voldemort easily could have destroyed Harry in Book 1 if it were not for his kindness toward Professor Quirrel. Same with the following books.

4. Voldemort is a person with a real personality and a well-developed character. Who is Harry Potter? I don’t know. He’s an orphan. He’s whiny. His friends put up with him for some reason. However, Voldemort is a man with ambition, intelligence and talent; hell, he even has a purpose in life as opposed to Harry who just exists. We know his lineage. We know how he became who he is. We know everything about Voldemort whereas we know only a little about Harry, who is a whiny brat.

3. Voldemort is selfless; he is a saint. He is above mere humans. He devotes his life completely to the future of the magical world. That is why he fights. He doesn’t stop to eat. He doesn’t stop to sleep. He doesn’t even have a significant other because he is totally devoted to the well-being of others. As for Harry, he is only fighting for himself and his struggle for survival. He frequently succumbs to human needs, and he even drags his friends and loved ones into his personal battles.

2. Voldemort fought harder. He spent his entire life planning and fighting for his cause whereas Harry did not. He bolstered his immune system against Harry so he could touch him. He desperately sought a different wand to fight Harry. He even went so far as to restore his soul to a corporeal form so he could continue his fight. That is devotion. What about Harry? He did very little. He improvised his fights. He relied heavily on the careful planning of others. He got by on luck, not strategy.

1. Voldemort is awesome.

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