Table Rock Lake’s Best Scuba Spots

Scuba diving is a sport enjoyed by many all around the world. It offers an entirely new experience for people who might normally never go or wonder what is under the water.

Living in a landlocked state like Missouri however, poses some complications on getting to good dive sites within a reasonable distance.

Thankfully, for those who live in and around Springfield, Table Rock Lake is less than an hour drive away and offers some incredible dive sites for the scuba enthusiasts.

Breezy Point
One of the most popular locations for everyone on the lake, Breezy Point is a nice dive with a vertical drop. This is a common area for other boaters and cliff jumpers as well, so the area is sometimes a bit crowded.

Zebulon Pike
An awesome boat wreck dive pretty close to the shore. The boat is 90 feet long and is an old double decker excursion cruiser. It was originally named the Branson Belle but the name was changed once they placed the boat underwater to avoid confusion with the still-running Showboat Branson Belle.

Video by James Wood, Scuba Instructor

The Enchanted Forest
Known as one of the most beautiful places to dive at Table Rock Lake, this spot features a grove of moss covered trees, giving it the name. The trees are up to 40 feet underwater in some places, which may make some wonder how this even happened. This underwater forest was created when the Table Rock Dam was put up and flooded a huge area. One of the besto by James Wood, Scuba Instructor

If you are looking for something fun to do over the summer, there are a number of dive shops in Springfield, Branson, and in the towns around the lake that offer scuba certification classes. Get yourself certified so that you too can explore these amazing underwater areas.