Brad Pitt: Fact Or Fiction

Springfield, Missouri – best known for it’s small town feel, bible belt community, Missouri State University and celebrities? Brad Pitt, Kickapoo High School Alumnae, grew up in Springfield and visits his family who still resides in the area, occasionally, bringing along Angelina and the kids.

Rumors circulate around the city about Brangelina’s favorite spots in Springfield. Some say they have seen the pair at Arris Pizza, a favorite pizza parlor amongst Springfield residents. Others have claimed to see them at Nonnas Italian American Café, Starbucks and Tasia Taste of Asia.

Few people have actually seen Brangelina in Springfield for visits. Which leads people to wonder, ‘do they actually come to Springfield?’ It’s hard to accurately answer that question without physical proof. Arris Pizza does have a picture of them hung up inside their parlor. How old that picture is, is hard to determine.

These rumors have people in Springfield excited to be home to such a well-known celebrity, and also excited to try the couples favorite Springfield spots. Maybe one day while eating at Tasia, Nonnas or Arris, the owner might come up and explain they are closing early and Brangelina will walk in to the secluded table in the back. Time will tell. But for now, Springfield residents are just holding on to the rumors as proof alone.