Old Man Willie

  • Old Man Willie has been a staple at the Blue Room Comedy Club as a local stand-up comedian since its start in 2015.
  • Old Man Willie mastered his craft 18 years ago. Over those years, Old Man Willie has also served as the emcee at Sir Laughs A Lots on South Campbell for six years, which is no longer in business.
  • The Blue Room Comedy Club inside of Billiards bar and pool hall welcomes international touring comedians so “Springfield has access to higher quality comedy, all the while utilizing local talent and giving younger comedians the opportunity to get their feet wet,” said general manager of Billiards and Blue Room, Kevin Frank.
  • Comedy shows at the Blue Room range from Thursday night teaser shows (TNT), Friday and Saturday shows headlined by international touring comedians and Sunday open mic nights.

“A man old enough to be his own grandpa” is usually how Old Man Willie is introduced for his comedy set by emcee Trey Alexander.

Old Man Willie is a good sport about his age and regularly uses it in his jokes. Old Man Willie has some fans from his days at Sir Laughs A Lots.

For people who have never seen him, he  surprises Blue Room audiences with his rapid fire jokes with accompanying punch lines, some of which could be considered vulgar.

Many audience members have responded to Old Man Willie’s jokes with a comment, “That’s not right.”

“He is really funny”, Springfield resident Chris Lowery said. “I didn’t know someone so old could tell such dirty jokes,” Lowery said.

“Old Man Willie gets a lot of good laughs,” said Billiards general manager, Kevin Frank. “Comedy and humor hasn’t really changed, just the jokes.”

Old Man Willie uses an audio recorder to gauge the room. If he doesn’t get the laughs he is expecting, he listens back to his pronunciation and checks to see if he rushed his delivery.

Not everyone enjoys the same comedy styles. There are some of Old Man Willie’s audiences who get offended by some of his jokes.

“If people are offended by my jokes, there are others who I perform with who are worse,” said Old Man Willie. “It just comes with the territory.”

Watch Old Man Willie’s set for yourself by visiting the Blue Room Comedy Club at Billiards bar and pool hall Thursday-Saturday nights at 8 p.m. at 541 E. St.Louis, Springfield, Missouri in downtown Springfield, and test your own comedy skills at open mic nights every Sunday at 8 p.m.