McDaniel Lake

McDaniel Lake is located off Farm Rd 76. A easy way to get to there is to go north on Grant until it veers into Farm Rd 76. McDaniel Lake is one of the few small lakes around Springfield that most people don’t know about. It is used as a source for drinking water and fishing is permitted upstream from Grant Street Bridge. There is no boating, swimming, bathing, wading or water skiing allowed in the lake but there are a few trails to hike and find great fishing spots. The lake contains a variable amount of species of fish including carp, small mouth bass and large mouth bass, white bass, channel catfish and several sunfish. The lake itself is quickly gathering attention as being a top site in Southwest Missouri for fishing due to its peacefulness. The lake is a great place for catfish, which attracts a lot of Ozark old timers to it, who are very talkative and more than glad to give out fishing advice and what to use to as catfish bait. A popular catfish bait is chicken liver for those interesting in fishing, although many fishers enjoy making their own secretive bait.

Here are a few pictures I took recently of McDaniel Lake. The lake is nearly frozen and was completely frozen during the cold weather.

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