Sunny With a Chance of FUN!

During weeks of horrible weather, many residents of the Ozarks have found themselves stuck inside or on roads that are not very fun to drive on. With a sunny weekend and Valentine’s Day just around the corner (tomorrow, for all of you men who don’t have anything planned yet) people finally have had a chance to get out of their houses and out into the beautiful sunlight. When I went out to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, there was an hour and forty-five minute wait for a table. Driving was horrible with the increased amount of traffic.
I feel that today would be a perfect day to go on a nice bicycle ride across town and maybe even stop by a few places for fun. I think the Comic book store would be a nice stop as well.
If you are at home today, or this week, and you need something to do, here are a few good ideas or places you can go. There is an abundance of parks in Springfield, including the Nature Center and Sequiota Park. The Nature Center is perfect for anyone who enjoys, well, nature. Here, you can hike on paths carved though woods and fields. Also, a walk around Downtown Springfield could be enjoyable.